I am African Editor for the international justice project of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting. This project is based in the Hague and closely follows the work of the International Criminal Court.

I work with a network of journalists and freelancers, to produce content for the website both from The Hague and in the situation countries: Uganda, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Kenya.

However, all views posted in this blog are mine alone and are in no way a reflection of the editorial style or policy of IWPR. This blog is unedited.

I have been working as a journalist for more than 10 years now, from many different areas of the world, both as a freelance journalist and a full-time staffer. My main subjects of interest are international affairs and finance / economics.

I welcome all comments and (constructive) criticism about the views given in this blog.

You can post comments directly on the blog or reach me by emailing blakerig at yahoo dot co dot uk.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Louise Belfrage Says:

    great writing! thank you.

  2. Gump Says:

    Black, how does the Khartoum government explain to its own people how they allowed JEM forces to drive across the country to attack in Omdurman? Whose blog mentioned that they knew 2 days in advance that they were coming? Doesn’t it make them seem extremely weak in the eyes of its own citizens?

  3. Gump Says:

    Sorry for the type, Blake.

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