Bashir goes AWOL

It’s not every day that a President goes missing, so that even close members of his party aren’t too sure what is going on. But that seems to be exactly what happened to Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan, as he made his way over to China, no doubt to persuade Beijing to continue to invest in the North even though much of the oil was now going to be in the South.

President al-Bashir arrived in Beijing on Tuesday, a day after he was supposed to meet Chinese President Hu Jintao. I realise that the man in Khartoum’s Presidential Palace these days is Sudanese. But, even so, turning up a day late to meet one of the most important leaders in the world is taking things a bit too far.

It seems that President Bashir was in Iran before flying over to China. It was between leaving Iran and arriving in China that something appear to happen to delay his arrival by a day.

With al-Bashir wanted by the International Criminal Court (ICC), and with China under heavy fire from the international community (especially the US) for inviting the President, rumours were bound to fly.

Had al-Bashir in fact been arrested as he travelled from Iran to China? Did US special forces hijack the plane he was on and nab the President that way?

But no. It seems that President al-Bashir returned safe and sound to Sudan late last night. But no one’s any the wiser about what happened – and aides have given no explanation about what happened to al-Bashir to make him so late.

Did Washington actually make a move to try and apprehend al-Bashir? And did America’s banker weigh in to protect al-Bashir from the merciless clutches of the Western powers and the ICC?


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2 Responses to “Bashir goes AWOL”

  1. R Says:

    Maybe he was doing this –

  2. blakerig Says:

    Comment approved, but a word of caution for any readers of this blog. Views from the Save Darfur Coalition must be taken with a extremely large pinch of salt, given who is behind the coalition.

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