George who?

Sometimes, paragraphs in newspapers just leap out of you and stick in your mind.

Here’s one from an article in the New York times, which isn’t doing a terribly bad job of covreing the referendum:

“Who is that man talking?” a Sudanese journalist asked, gesturing to a white man with a group of reporters around him. When told it was George Clooney, a movie star, the Sudanese journalist looked confused and walked away.

That says it all, really.

(For anyone that wants a somewhat longer explanation of what I’m getting at, check out this blog post from The Telegraph. Who does this Hollywood star think he is?)


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2 Responses to “George who?”

  1. James Wild Says:

    I agree it is somewhat bizarre that George Clooney was there. Although the presence of international observers can only help, even if some are just film stars.
    I think Jimmy Carter may have been there too.

    • blakerig Says:

      Sure, the presence of international celebs such as Clooney could help. Unfortunately, they usually don’t. And they don’t because these celebreties rarely understand the problem on anything other than a rather superficial level. Clooney is an actor. Some say that he is a good actor. Personally, I’m not a big fan, but I’m sure he’s quite talented. What does an actor really know about the situation in Africa. Why does someone like Clooney arrogantly presume he has the answer to the world’s great problems, when dedicated professionals have spent decades trying to sort them out. It’s a little bit me saying I know how to fly a spaceship. The presence of well-known figures is all well and good. They help focus the world’s attention on a problem. But then such celebreties should shut up, fall in line and stop thinking they know how to solve the problem. Clooney even has satelites whizzing around, spying on country, which as the Telegraph blog I referred to points out is against international law.

      Jimmy Carter is slightly different, since he is a full-time do-gooder these days and, ach-hem, was once President of America.

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