Humour of the Gods

Gods may not be all that partial to playing games of dice, but they certainly know how to crack a joke once in awhile

It seems, for example, somewhat amusing that news that Europe is currently experiencing its harshest winter in a decade comes so close on the heels of dire warnings from the Copenhagen Summit that global warming is going to spell the end of us all unless we take some urgent action.

Might this not be a sign of some Heavenly ruler looking down upon us with jest, and saying: “I’ll put an end to this human arrogance, who think that they are so important that their actions alone can possibly decide the future of the Earth!”

Then again, over the weekend, I got talking to a Portuguese lady. Reminiscing, as one does, about snow in Lisbon three years ago (the first time in decades), she suggested that perhaps Global Warming is a misnomer. Climate Change is so much better. Avoids all this nasty misunderstanding.

Still, I rather like my idea. I like to think that, somewhere up there, the Gods to have a sense of humour.

Extremely cold in The Hague at the moment!


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