Past injustices

It is some times difficult to know whether to take African newspapers seriously or not, but this article is amusing.

Apparently, the Bunyaro Kingdom in Uganda, which rather lost out under Brtish colonial rule, is threatening to refer the Queen of England to the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Aside from the fact that the suggestion is blatently ludicrous, it displays a fundamental ignorence among the Ugandan population, as well as the journalists who wrote the article, about how the ICC actually works. Which is slightly worrying.

The ICC’s purpose is not to rectify the wrongs of colonialism, which happened decades ago. It is designed to prevent injustices occurring in the future.

To this end, it can’t take action against anything that happened before 2003.

Which is one of the reasons it never weighed in to the whole Saddam Hussein affair.

Reading this article, I did have to venture a quick glance at the calendar to see if it was April 1.

I don’t think it is, though.


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