Charles Taylor

It’s not really in the remit of what I’m covering these days, but, since I am researching a book on international justice, thought I’d tune in to the Charles Taylor trial this lunchtime.

Nothing like a question-and-answer session over which body parts are the juciest to help the tomato-and-aubergine pasta sauce settle in the stomach.

I had two observations about the trial.

One: that it is a helluva lot more interesting than the trials of Congolese warlords that are taking place. No one from the Congo, who has been indicted, seemed to have much of a hankering for human flesh.

Two: Charles Taylor, smartly dressed in suit and tie, seems far less your average warlord and more like a loveable granddad. I was particularly struck by his quick wit and intelligence, as he challenged what the prosecuting lawyer was saying and quite convincingly gave his side of the story. He certainly seemed to have a degree of charisma about him.


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