Where’s Kony?


Almost every day, it seems, I am getting a new report from different journalists about where Joseph Kony, that meglomaniacal leader of the Lord’s Resistence Army is.

For their part, Kampala insist that he has now been successfully chased out of Uganda, and, to be fair, he probably has. Just a few straggling remnants of the LRA exist there now.

Over the past six months, we’ve been hearing lots about how he is terrorizing folk in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the message we’re getting from Kinshasha is that the authorities there can’t really be arsed to do anything about the chap.

Recent reports also suggest that he is wreaking havoc in the Centralised African Republic. Again, the government there has troubles that they consider more urgent than dealing with the lone renegade, although it does seem that there is a lot of unnecessary suffering going on there.

Then there’s South Sudan, of course, and the government there are trying to get a lot of political capital out of the supposition that Khartoum is funding Kony’s murderous rampages there again. I wanted to publish something on this, but I’m also very keen not to become part of the GoSS propaganda machine.

And also there are reports of Kony heading for Chad and Darfur (such reports come from the Ugandans), although the UN operation in Chad tell me they have heard no such thing.

So he’s clearly a very busy man at the moment, trying to destabalise about half a dozen countries in central Africa. But no one really seems to know where he is.

The likeliest country playing host to him seems to be the CAR. But there may also be some truth in the fact that he’s stirring up trouble again in South Sudan.

But don’t bother searching the picture above. He’s not there. I’ve looked.


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One Response to “Where’s Kony?”

  1. Peter Eichstaedt Says:

    If you have a chance, read First Kill Your Family: Child Soldiers of Uganda and the Lord’s Resistance Army.

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