Sudan is Arabic, says the UN

I have just spent some time trying to find information about Sudan on the website of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

As one might expect, I began my search for this in the “Africa” regional section.

I had no luck there, however. South Africa was followed by Swaziland.

Unperturbed – since I know that the UNDP have an office in Sudan – I kept looking.

What I found was a separate regional section entitled “Arabic States”.

No, I thought. Impossible.

But, yes. Quite possible. Of course. Anything is when it comes to the UN.

Sudan was indeed lumped in with all the Arabic states, nestled between Somalia and Syria.

Since the whole conflict has been about the Arabic government asserting its authority over the non-Arabic population (and no one really knows how big either side is, due to dodgey or out-dated censuses), UNDP’s decision to label Sudan as Arab is incomprehensible, incompetent and irresponsible.

In other words, no less than what I would expect from the organisation.


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