Homeless in Den Haag

I was in the supermarket this evening, waiting in line to pay for my purchases, when I saw just behind me a Dutch guy, looking a tad on the scruffy side.

He had all the hallmarks of being homeless – scruffy dirty jeans, low-cut top revealing area of chest, unkempt and matted hair, crate of booze under the arms.

He was jabbering at me in Dutch.

“Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact,” I kept telling myself.

And I didn’t make eye contact. Paid for my groceries. And left.

But, as I was thusly avoiding eye contact, I saw that he was turning his attention elsewhere.

Firstly, to two attractive blond women. He was jokingly taking their rolls of toilet paper and saying something in Dutch that must have been absolutely fantastically funny, because the blond women – rather than telling him to eff off – were rolling around in laughter. I was construing his behaviour as sleazily flirtateous, but it might not have been.

Then he had some banter with the cute checkout girl, who seemed (judging from the pleasant exchange) to know him.

He was a little whiffy, adding to his homeless persona – though, of course, I have no firm proof that he was.

But all of this reminded me of an incident some months ago in Italy, where the attritude shown towards the homeless both saddened and horrified me.

I think there are a lot of points I like about this country.


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