More international embarasment for Sudan

It comes as little surprise to me that Sudan decided to postpone the public lashing of Lubna Ahmed al-Hassan, a UN worker and political columnist whose only crime was to offend people in a cafe by wearing trousers rather than something rather more discrete.

Knowing Sudan as I do, the whole case struck me as decidedly odd right from the start. After all, in Khartoum, Sudanese women are regularly to be seen wearing trousers – and these days it’s not just children.

So why make a public spectacle of these 13 women in this particular cafe, who were dressing so indecently.

The closest guess I can make, and that which I have seen penned by a couple of commentators, is that it was yet again a political move by the government that backfired. A bit like the Gillian Gibbons case.

Lubna is known for being a pretty feisty and outspoken lady. Unfortunately for the government, they should probably concentrate on taking on less fesity opponents. The story is all over the international media.

Lubna has said she wants to waive her UN immunity so that she can face her punishment. She invited journalists to attend the flogging today, which unsurprisingly was cancelled.

It’s a shame that, still, Sudan wants to treat people this way. I take my hat off to the stand that she is taking. Whilst I love so much about Sudan, this case clearly reminds us that so much needs to change in the Sudanese stablishment to bring the country into the 21st century.

Heaping more embarassment upon the government may help.


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