I fear that I may be approaching dangerous levels of lunacy.

I have just spent a rather unproductive evening wandering around Turin, ducking into places that have at some point in the city’s history been famous for spectral sightings, asking in Italian (though with as refined a British accent as I could possibly put on): “Excuse me, my good fellow, but do you know wherefore I might find a ghost. For sooth.”

Some have just stared at me whitheringly. Others have become all defensive, and exclaimed: “why, there ain’t no ghost here, guv’nor” – or whatever the Italian equivalent is – “all made up by journalists.” At which point I shamefacedly bow out of the door, backwards, pretending I am nothing but a humble farmer and not part of that journalist riff-raff.

The point is, it’s bloody hard to find a ghost these days. Or, rather, anyone that has seen a ghost. There just doesn’t seem as many believers in the world as there used to be.

Frustrated, I returned home, vowing to resume my ghost-hunt tomorrow. Perusing the Internet in my frustration, I came across this article, which suggests that if you want to see a ghost badly enough then you will do so. All to do with the release of chemicals in the brain. Well, it didn’t work for me. I badly want to see a ghost and I still haven’t done so.

Actually, in truth, what I really want is for someone else who has seen a ghost in Turin to tell me about it.

So a plea to anyone listening out there: if you have had a supernatural experience whilst in this most-haunted city, do let me know. Thanks!


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One Response to “Ghosts”

  1. Laura Says:

    Dangerous levels of lunacy? tick!

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