Cheating Italians

I have just done an 8-kilometre mini-marathon. Which came as something of a surprise to me as, up until yesterday evening, I had thought the run was taking place at the end – rather than the beginning – of May.

I did okay. Not great, but okay. Enough to get me a medal at least, which was only awarded to the first 50 who made it through the finishing line – there were around 60 people registered in total.

I have done many runs, of a similar length and a similar nature, in the past; but nowhere – at least, not since I left school – have I encountered such large numbers of people bent on cheating to improve their time. It was unbelievable, as I watched group after group slyly slip under a roped-off area, to take a short-cut when they thought no one was looking.

But it was laughable to watch so many of these Italian runners (many of whom looked like fairly serious sportsmen) proudly hold up their medals and be photographed.


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