Health and fitness

It’s a bit of an ordeal to try and do anything in the way of organised sport in this country.

First, registration for any kind of sporting club is notoriously expensive – it is not merely a question of paying per-game, but also of parting with a large wad of cash simply for the registration process.

Secondly, in order to partake in any organised sport, you need to be certified fit enough. A procedure that makes no sense in any rationale society, and seems to me purely an excuse for private and state-run clinics to make some extra cash (it costs €30 for a cardiovascular and blood pressure test!)

I can certainly understand the need for sports centres to protect themselves, and make sure that terminally unfit people are not constantly collapsing whilst on the tread-mill. But surely it would make just as much sense to require people to sign a waiver, accepting all responsibility for any injury incurred through over-exhertion.

And the most galling thing is that the test is valid only six months; after six months, if we want to enrol somewhere else, we have to do it all over again. Like our health is really going to have deteriorated that much! It’s just one of those crazy laws that exist in European nanny state democracies.

But the good news is that I am basically fit enough to get fit.

The bad news is that I agreed to run a half-marathon in May, which means that I need to get even fitter. Hence my reason for joining the squash club.


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