Today’s tragic earthquake defies comment. I am just pleased that no one me or Violetta knows was affected by it. Violetta is in Naples, coming back tonight. I am still in Turin. The epicentre of the earthquake was in L’Aquilla (Abruzza) in central Italy.

The following is an interesting map detailing seismic activity in the country:

The map should be displayed here

Obviously, I have been nowhere near the earthquake zone today – too much fun to be had writing for Life & Pensions – but it is pleasing to note that, despite the criticism that is constantly levelled at Italian bureacracy, rescue services have really been on the ball.

Already, though, the opportunity is being taken to wag the finger at the bumbling authorities that ignored the warning signs. Particularly from one Giampaolo Giuliani, who having been previously ridiculed for scaremongering, is now rubbing his hands with glee and talking to the press.


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One Response to “Earthquake”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hey Blake,
    I didn’t hear about this. I hope everything is okay. I kind of like earthquakes (when no-one gets hurt)….You’re missing some very hot weather here. Sachlamares I need another holiday.

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