Casualty of the recession

Talk of economic gloom appears in national papers pretty much on a daily basis, but often it’s very difficult to relate this to day-to-day life. Now, we have encountered first-hand a casualty of the recession, and it has given a bit of a knock to our company.

Next weekend, we had been planning to promote our book at London’s Adventure Travel Show (which is a great event, and I’ve enjoyed attending as a visitor many times over the years). This was the first time I would have been exhibiting at the show, though. It was my idea – I considered it a great opportunity to publicise the book – and I managed to persuade the Sudanese Embassy to sponsor us, since we would be painting the country in such a favourable light. We just could not have afforded the £1000 ticket price on the event.

For the past few weeks, I have been trying to contact the organisers to arrange the logistics of everything – how we get passes and so forth. I should have known something was up. This morning, since things were getting a little urgent, I did some digging and found that the company had actually gone into receivorship on 23 January. Uh-oh.

What does this mean? On a practical level, the event has got cancelled. Or it may have been postponed. I am looking into it. The rights to the event have been bought by someone else.

Moreover, unsecured creditors (i.e., those that paid to exhibit at the event) will probably not receive a penny of their money back. Fortunately, we had not paid to exhibit at the event. Unfortunately, our image is going to take a pounding, since we persuaded the Embassy to spend the money.

More positively, I do get to spend the weekend sightseeing in England instead of working. Maybe I’ll go and see my folks.


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