Blood on their hands

And now Moreno-Ocambo and all the other legal beagles at the ICC must come to terms with the fact that their ill-conceived ruling is going to directly result in the deaths of who-knows-how-many in Darfur.  For anyone that knows anything about Sudan, this was all pretty inevitable. Can we set them before a judge and jury, please?

Sorry to harp on so.


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2 Responses to “Blood on their hands”

  1. Alnor Babiker Says:

    What b etween presisent Albasheer and Ocmbo seem smore like a personal matter than legal case.

  2. Mohammed Abbas Saad Says:

    Ocambo: Shame Shame Shame!!!

    For me as a Sudanese this man is defaming the
    international JUSTICE!! Unfortunately he did not respect himself or the law that he is speaking about:
    Imagine that two Sudanese committed war crimes in Drafur, one of them bearing only Sudanese nationality and the other bearing both Sudanese and American nationalities.. If they were brought before the custodian of international justice Mr. Ocambo he will simply release the half American only for his affiliation and punish the mere Sudanese of course for the crime of being Sudanese!! This was blankly stipulated in the Security Council Resolution!!
    The Council, as a political organization, may not pay much care to justice parameters such as parity before the law.. But what abour Mr. Ocambo? does not he feel shame of what he is doing and of being a mean tool in the hands of the west who block some and present others before what they are calling “International justice”?? Shame Shame Shame!!!

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