The devil in Rome

I’m starting to organise a trip down to Rome, to meet a few people there, and thus have found myself in contact with Rome’s commune.

This morning, I called their main number to see if I could speak to the press office there. Guess what this particular number is: 060606.

Now, I don’t know what anyone else thinks, but I find it slightly in poor taste for an organisation at the very heart of the Catholic world to have such a number. I almost feel that whoever arranged the number was having a joke, which everyone else failed to get.

Last night, for an article I’m researching, I went on a very interesting tour of “Magic Turin” with a tour agency called Somewhere. It was deeply interesting and (the benefits of being a journo) I got my own personal tour guide.

Apparently, and this I didn’t know before I moved to the city, there are two triangles that intersect with Turin. The black triangle (linking San Francisco, London and Turin) and the white triangle (linking Lyon, Prague and Turin). This creates two halves of the city: one with negative energy (extending to the left of the Po) and the other with positive energy (to the right).

Nostradamus, that whacky 16th century sage, also lived here – adding to the legends of the city, and to Somewhere’s ability to attract customers.

Apparently, the Gatway to Hell is located somewhere beneath the city (probably under Piazza Statuto, which was established to commemorate the deaths of workers who perished creating a tunnel between Italy and France in 1871). Turin also like to advertise the importance of the city in connection with the holy shroud that was, some say, used to wrap Jesus’s body in when he was crucified.

Then there’s the holy grail. The Turinos reckon they have that, too, buried somewhere in the city.

After all, if you’re going to claim to have one religious relic, why not have them all. There’s some religious theory, somewhere, that suggests where one is located, the others will also be found.

But my article and research does have a more serious side, and that is the astonishing number of devil worshippers there are in Turin (mainly the young). My tour guide said there were signs of black masses all over the place.

Now I just have to work out how I can meet some of these devil worshippers, without actually doing any devil-worshipping myself (just in case), and how to persuade them to give me an interview about what it is like to worhip the devil.

Perhaps those good folk at the commune will know how to get in touch.


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