Christmas top ten

Okay, it’s not quite Christmas, I know; but I thought it might be interesting to note the ten blog entries that I have written, which have gained the most hits over the past year (since I began this blog). I feel that this gives a reasonable indication of what people are interested in knowing about Sudan at the moment:

1. The tribes of Sudan

2. What’s America famous for?

3. John Granville

4. Israel and Sudan

5. Why Darfur is not genocide

6. My money is on Khalil Ibrahim

7. The NGOs of Juba

8. How safe is Khartoum?

9. Oh, Borris! (odd one this, probably has more to do with another blogger linking to it than with the subject content)

10. One dead American


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One Response to “Christmas top ten”

  1. Judith Jane Says:

    I haven’t read any of these

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