Confused? Welcome to Sudan.

Ok. Good. Right. Fine. So we all agree then?

Five Chinese oil workers were kidnapped in a botched rescue mission attempted by the Sudanese government, according to China’s Foreign Ministry.

This is the same government that had no direct contact with the kidnappers, nor attempted any rescue operation or caused any provocation whatsoever, according to Ali al-Sadiq, Sudan’s foreign affairs spokesman.

But it was definitely five Chinese oil workers that were killed. Two escaped, and a further two remain hostage.

Unless, of course, you believe Mutrif Sidiq, foreign undersecretary, who comes with a certain amount of political clout. He says three have been confirmed dead.

Seeing as they have just made a big show of shipping the bodies home, one would have thought that the government would be in agreement here at least. Perhaps they’ve mistakenly sent some dead Darfuris back to Beijing, too.


This is Sudan. You’re supposed to be.

And it just goes how much of a pain it can be working as a journalist here.

Give me Whitehall or Brussels any day.

Actually, on second thoughts, don’t.

I have done my best to add to the confusion here.


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