Big Brother

Traveling from Whitchurch to Cellan (Lampeter) in Wales, I saw something written at a railway station that was a little disconcerting.

This is what the notice said: “We know who you are. We know where you live. We know what you did.”

The letters of the words were half coloured black (at the top) and half coloured red (at the bottom), almost as though they were dripping with blood – or at least that was how my tired mind saw things.

I couldn’t immediately tell the significance of the words, but I am assuming that they had something to do with TV licensing (and what, pray tell, is the point of advertisement if you cannot immediately tell what is being advertised?)

I am sure that the threatening undertones would be fairly troubling to most commuters. But seen at 11:33 by a lone traveller, who went to bed at seven in the morning and had his last drop of alcohol an hour later, they were downright terrifying.

I sought solace in a conversation with a bagel-seller.


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One Response to “Big Brother”

  1. Glen Segell Says:

    I was wondering if the Guide Book had been published so I did a Google search. In a somewhat bizare sense I felt an afinity to the Railway sign noted in your blog. You see – I know who you are – I know where you live and I know what you did. No, I am not the TV licensing authority. I am Glen.

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