The problems of being small

In many things in life, size matters a great deal. This is certainly the case when it comes to the publishing industry. This all makes perfect sense, of course. Economies of scale and all that.

But it still is tough playing with the big corporate boys. Amazon’s appauling attitude to small publishers has so shocked me that it is worth a mention here. I believe I have already pointed out that they charge us 65% on each title (which means that they pay us just over £5 for each book they sell, and we have to pay £1.65 to post the book to them in the first place).

Then, this morning, I see the reason why we have not been getting so many sales through our website. They are offering a 40% discount on the cover price of our book: £8.57 instead of £12.99. We offer a discount of 20% on our website. How can we compete with a) Amazon charging us 65% per title, and then b) using the
huge charge against us to leverage a mighty discount for consumers (at our, not their, expense).

Good for consumers, of course, but as a publisher I say: bring back the Net Book Agreement!

If anyone does want to buy our book, please consider doing so from our website rather than giving large corporate giants our hard-earned cash.


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