What’s America famous for?

I don’t often shy away from subjects with my students, who tend to be university students or young professionals. Alcohol, the stupidity of Western politics, why John Garang died, whose to blame for Darfur, the pros and cons of polygamy. We have great fun discussing all these subjects and more. Things don’t usually get too heated. Steering clear of teddy bears probably helps.

Today, I had a new bunch of elementary students, so I took them through my usual introductory lesson on nationalities and asking where people are from. I wrote a load of countries on the board and asked them to say what they were famous for.

Argentina – football

Brazil – coffee and football

Italy – pizza

Germany – cars

Japan – technology

“So,” I said at length. “I hesitate to ask this question, but what is America famous for?”

“Killing people,” said one young lad sitting at the back, without hesitation.

Come on, don’t hold back, tell me what you really think.


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11 Responses to “What’s America famous for?”

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  3. mohammed khan Says:

    um…………its famous for for the twin tower

  4. Amy Cullen Says:


  5. Cassandra Jones-Bell Says:

    America famous for junk food…….. being lazy…….. crazy over football and baseball…. AND NOW… being so nosy over the other countries’ problems

  6. Carl Boley Says:

    America is famous for being a free nation where we have the privilege to create a successful life for ourselves and helping other countries who aren’t fortunate enough to have the freedom we have. And the girl who said that America is famous for killing people is being really childish and shortsighted because America protects lives not destroys them.

  7. Dilan Says:

    America is famous for Disney World

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  9. kidd Says:

    wel it iz a splendid country wth human rights n ol n i ges issues ar delt wth beta n faster thn in utha countries n wegot a record f freedom of speech n ol yu wdnt dare hear ppl goin agnst e gvt in sum african countries(not in public or on national tv) n of cours e nmbr 1 factor …..the ppl ….yalz rock america

  10. a.chinna hanumanthu Says:

    america was famous for innovations and marketing

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