Where’s the white guy?

It occurred to me yesterday, traveling back from a very interesting interview in Souq Arabi (of which more later), that I never see white folk traveling on the local buses here. In fact, to be more precise, I have never seen white folk traveling on the local buses here. Not one, in my seven months here. Isn’t that strange?

Perhaps it might not be strange in certain other non-white countries, where whites are a rarity. But there are thousands upon thousands of foreign workers here – hey, it’s why we’re writing our guidebook. UNMIS alone, and I’m just talking the operations in Khartoum, employ over two thousand expat workers. And not one of them ever takes a bus?

I have already seen a great deal of the cocoon-like way many of the expatriate community live out their days in Khartoum. Not all of them, but enough to wonder why they bothered coming here at all.

Ker-ching. That is why, of course.


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One Response to “Where’s the white guy?”

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    […] blogged some time ago about the fact that I have never seen any other white guy ride a bus (something that still holds true to this day), so maybe his surprise should not have been so […]

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