Not yet dead

The last two weeks have been a little crazy for me and it has shown in the entries of this blog. Whilst I have struggled to write a few new entries, just so I don’t loose my place in the Google search rankings, it has been pretty tough to say anything meaningful.

The initial idea behind this blog was to marry cultural insight with some cutting-edge journalism. Cultural insight is pretty easy to do, to be honest. Everyone surely has an opinion on the environment in which they are living. Cutting edge journalism, on the other hand, requires a lot of time and effort – both resources which have been targeted elsewhere in recent days.

The cause of my pain and suffering has been a website I have just set up – – to promote a new guidebook on Khartoum, which I am about to self-publish. I deliberately decided not to do any blogging about the trials and tribulations of developing an entire website, including discussion forum. This blog is supposed to be about culture and politics – not about PHP, HTML, SQL and other three-and-four letter acronyms. I just don’t know how it could ever be possible to blog about such stuff in an interesting way.

The thing is that, whilst journalism is my number one love, and I’ll never be able to give it up, I can’t deny any longer that my original vocation in life was a computer programmer. And so, this year, under a certain amount of pressure from Violetta, I have been dusting off my old skills and using them to help us launch a new company.

I have no plans to give up my journalism – and in fact tomorrow am going to put in my request to go to El Fasher. But I hope that, by setting up a sustainable company, I will no longer have to rely on slogging it out for someone else in order to supplement the income I get from writing.

If anyone does want a guidebook on Khartoum, we are taking orders now. Blatant plug, sorry.


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One Response to “Not yet dead”

  1. William Says:

    PHP, HTML and SQL are abbreviations, not acronyms. (RADAR and SCUBA are acronyms.)

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