Bad words

This morning, we discovered the words “Fuck You” on our door in permanent marker. For the area where we live (Amarat) such grafitti is extremely rare.

At first, I thought they might be from those really irritating children of our neighbours upstairs, who run around screaming all hours of the day and night and think it a great lark to bang on our door and then run off. But I soon realised that, unless they had got a chair, they couldn’t have comfortably reached that high.

The words could also be from the Darfurian security watchman downstairs, who we have refused to tip since we first came to Sudan.

Other than that, I don’t think we’ve pissed all that many people off in Khartoum.

My guess is that the words are most likely from a Sudanese with a grudge against foreigners. I can’t help but hope that harsh words against us is all he uses.

We’ll have to get that cleaned off before our next party. Not the best welcome we might give.


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