I went into our local store the other day to purchase a couple of instant noodles.

The bizarre thing is that, once I had paid and made to leave, one of the assistants in the shop stopped me and brandished a pack of ice-cubes before me.

I wondered if they might be complimentary, with every two packets of noodles purchased.

As I was stood there, looking perplexed, my passage from the shop blocked, the other shop-worker said: “New.”

By which I took it to mean they suddenly had a new range of products in the shop – ice-cubes, no less – and had indeed cottoned on to marketing. That’s a first. I wanted to tell them that they should probably wait until I buy a bottle of coca-cola or fanta before trying to sell me this particular product. But my Arabic wasn’t good enough – and, in any case, I didn’t want to dampen their enthusiasm.


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One Response to “Ice-cubes”

  1. William Says:

    So did you buy them or not?

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